Tip – Microchip – make sure it still works !

Imagine you got all your paperwork and vaccination done, the flight is on time, you are boarding with the plane plus your dog, and you have a pleasant flight to your destination. Customs ask for the dog’s paper, takes the scanner, and the display shows…. “nothing”

I would imagine that the story will end well in most cases, but such trouble is avoidable if you have your dog’s Microchip checked before you start your journey.

The best way to ensure the proper function of the Microchip is when you visit your vet for the travel paperwork of the vaccinations. For the rabies vaccination, he will probably use the scanner already, but if not, just ask him to do a quick check with the reading device, and you have one trouble less to deal with.
Despite the travel, it is always good to ensure the Microchip is working. The dog could run away at home, and nobody later knows who he is if the chip is not working.

Why I write this? It happened to us. 10 years after he was chipped, the Microchip did not respond to the reading device.


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