How do I Import my Dog to Israel?

This article explains the process to follow for travelers who want to bring a dog or cat to Israel

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development supervises the import of animals from abroad, including dogs and cats, another purpose is the entry of animal diseases into Israel, to protect public and animal health and maintain their well-being.

To import dogs and cats from abroad, several conditions and import requirements must be met, which are listed in the following link.-  For extended information on the entry of dogs and cats into Israel (imports)

List of requirements for importing a pet to Israel

About the Dog / Cat

  • The dog must be 4 months or older
  • It is forbidden to import a dog of a breed regarded as dangerous or a mixed breed with a dangerous breed and which behaves as typical of that breed

Microship / Identification

  • The dog must have an implanted chip/microchip – as per international standards or Norm ISO 11784:11785

Vaccination and Testing

  • It must be vaccinated against rabies
  • An rabies antibodies test that has to be done one month following the vaccination must be ok

Unless a special license has been granted and additional requirements have been met, an import license must be obtained from the Head of Veterinary Services in Israel

International Health Certificate

  • an original International Health Certificate signed by a government veterinarian from the country of origin is also needed. This document has to be signed 11 days prior to the flight
  • the document must confirm that the dog or cat is identifiable
  • has been vaccinated against rabies within the 12 month preceeding departure
  • and at least one month prior to its arrival in Israel
  • has been tested at least one month following the vaccination and has shown a good antibodies count
  • that the dor or cat has been examined and does not show any symptoms of infectious disease or of any other contagious disease
  • The blood sample has to be tested by a accredited laboratory
  • certified by the OEI, and must show that the level of rabies antibodies is at least 0.5 IU/milliliter

Pre Departure Action Items to receive Permit

  • When all clauses are alright, send a notification to the email address: ( or via telefax to: +972 (0)3-9485869
  • based in the info from EL AL here are some other contact details of the ministry:
  • notify the importation of an animal with a photocopy of the health certificate and the blood test results to the veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture
  • makes sure that email is sent at least two business days prior to the flight
  • if all the paperwork is ok, you should receive the permit also via email
  • keep the documents always handy for inspection
  • if your documents fail to comply, you will also receive an email or phone call with the requirements for completing the missing documentation
  • in any case, wait for the permit before taking your dog or cat on the plane

Israels Port of Entry with a Pet

  • In order to be accompanied by the furry friend, you must arrive at Ben Gurion Airport/ Haifa Port/ Ashdod Port, or Eilat Port.
  • In the port of Haifa, Ashdod, or Eilat, coordination must be made by telephone.
  • Eilat Port: 08-6323054, 050-6241350
  • Port of Ashdod: 08-8565673
  • Haifa Port: 04-862364

Timing / Flight Arrival Time

  • also important to note. Time your flight in accordance with the inspection hours. At the time of writing this article, it was mentioned 06:00 until 24:00

Here is a link to the Website of the Ministry of Agriculture

Experiences of travelers with the process as mentioned above:

These comments are a few years old therefore please do not count on it and do not try to bypass the rules. Some countries impose harsh fines for people who try to smuggle a pet into a country and in some cases, they put the poor animals down.

Here are the comments of some travelers:

  • No issues at all. the Customs people didn’t care at all…… I felt pretty upset at having had to spend a lot of time and money and effort in getting all of the documents arranged, and then in the end they just tell you “it’s ok, it’s ok”? 🙁 The airline did check at check-in, though. The documents anyway, not the microchips.
  • And then you arrive in BG and not a single person asks for those documents nor do they look at the animal. I brought two cats … you guess with two animals might get some questions thrown at you… Not at all!!

Attention: This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated to meet the current requirements. Before you travel, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities for your destination country.


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