An Ultimate Guide to PETC Across the World

Dog Travelling by plane

Do you spend stressful vacations because you have left your lovely dog at home alone? Now it is not an issue anymore. You can take your pet on a plane. However, if you are traveling for the first time with a pet, you must understand the procedure for a smooth PETC experience.

After figuring out the pet traveling process, prepare documentation as it is necessary. For further clarification, keep going till the end.

What is PETC?

PETC stands for pet in-cabin. It is a term that defines your right or opportunity to carry your pets on the flight. Remember, now airlines allow pet traveling, but the list is limited. In-cabin pets are usually household animals such as cats and dogs that can casually fit in a travel carrier. However, the pets do not come in luggage; you need to do proper documentation and pay extra charges.

Requirements for In-Cabin Pets

  • Every flight has different rules and regulations regarding different pets. Here are some general rules that mostly every airline allowing PTCH follows:
  • On domestic flights, cats and dogs must be at least two months old. On the other hand, cats and dogs must be four months old for international flight because rabies vaccination is mandatory.
  • Pet and traveler must travel on the same flight as the owner is responsible for them.
  • Pets cannot travel with unaccompanied minors.
  • Unfortunately, the oxygen facility is not available for pets in emergencies.
  • Airlines require proper documentation of pets, including vaccination certificates and animal export certificates.

Pet-Friendly Airlines

If you are planning an international trip with your little friend, here are some best PTEH flights that you can consider.

·       LATAM Airlines:

LATAM is the largest airline in Latin America, with headquarters in Chile. It allows you to travel with your pet. Depending on the pet’s size, breed, and age, it can travel in the passenger cabin, aircraft hold, or LATAM cargo.

LATAM provides a PETC facility, but only for small and domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. You can take other small animals(PETS) as well, depending on the size and weight.

This airline is not allowed to transport PETC from and to Australia, New Zealand, England, and some other places. It adds cost to your travel budget according to the size of the Pets. Overall, it is an option for PETC transport.

·       Cabo Verde Airlines:

It is an international airline. Cabo Verde majorly connects three continents with consecutive flights from their main airport. However, it allows pets to travel with maximum safety and comfort. You get to take pets like cats and dogs according to the size and weight in the cabin.

You must make a reservation in advance because different fares apply according to routes and animals. Moreover, it is safe to avoid space issues on the spot. Pets are never included in the luggage weight and are always charged some extra.

Cabo Verde airline allows PETC worldwide under high supervision to properly take care of animals.

·       Air Canada:

It is a huge airline that offers flights all over the world. From Paris to Beijing, America to Africa, and about any other major country or city you can think of. They are extremely accommodating when it comes to pets. If you arrive a half hour before departure and have a pet tucked in the carrier, you will be allowed to travel with it in the cabin.

Air Canada allows carrying cats, simple dogs, and service dogs. Bigger dogs are welcome to travel in cargo to keep people and pets. The price ranges from $50 to $118, depending on the animals and route. It means Air Canada is highly affordable to PETC.

·       Delta:

Delta is a well-known airline to accommodate pets. With destinations to more than 60 countries across the globe, you can go along with your pet when you choose Delta. When you are flying domestically, they house birds with open arms.

Like other PETC airlines, Delta allows carrying pets in the cabin. However, larger dogs are obliged to travel cargo for their own safety. It is better to go with pre-booking, but on-the-spot pet onboarding is also allowed. The affordable airline charges only between $75 to $200 according to the types, size, and weight of animals.


International pet travel is not always easy for the owner. Many concerns occupy the mind, such as how much PETC costs and if a booked flight will allow pets in-cabin or not. To solve your problem here, we have mentioned some best airlines that take care of pets’ comfort and safety. These flights are affordable and convenient to book.

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