All You Must Know When Flying with a Dog

Airlines now are not just limited to the human transportation service. They provide a comfortable journey for your pet as well. Airlines intend to endow the best animal transportation service nowadays when flying with a dog; the most welcome pet on any airline is the dog.

Perhaps flying with a dog can be tricky, especially if you have never traveled with a dog on any airline. You consider the cost, the dog’s safety, and how long the dog can go without food and poo when traveling with dogs.

We know how much we love our dogs, so we have prepared a super easy guide on how to fly with dogs for you. So, traveling with a dog is without worry.

What are the Pros and Cons of How to Fly with a Dog?

  • Although your first journey with your pup can be a little complicated considering dog on planes and a bit expensive compared to if you fly solo.
  • As for new travels, they search a lot about every detail before traveling with a dog on the plane.
  • You typically explore hundreds of websites, read blogs, and watch many YouTube videos, but their questions and queries remain unsolved, like can I fly my dog?
  • There are thousands of pet care services for can I fly my dog that look after your pet, bath them, provide hygienic food, and create an open and playable friendly environment.
  • Most of these service providers are so good that they even care for your pup’s skin and paws; if you are wondering, can dogs fly on planes? So, have you ever wondered why they built these extraordinary services?
  • Justine Lee, the veterinary expert for Pumpkin Pet Insurance, addresses that you should not be flying with dog because some pets are so sensitive to travel.
  • We know it could be hard for you to leave your loving fluffy dog behind, but trust us, you won’t like seeing how to take dogs on a plane if you are not taking it along.
  • If you decide to see how to take dog on a plane, the first thing they have to face is the change in air pressure and dramatic change in temperature, which will make your dog act crazy. 
  • Your dog will be on limited supplies and less food and water than usual if your dog loves to be alone and doesn’t enjoy the unwanted company. That is when you don’t want to consider how to take dogs on plane.
  • That’s why on how to take a dog on the plan, the best is to hire a pet sitter who can care for your dog and provide him with a comfortable environment rather than forcing your dog to fly with you.
  • The best option is to board them at a licensed facility. It is better than worrying about can you fly with a dog. 

Should You Go Cargo or Take Carry on for your Dogs on Plane?

Here are a few things which will help you to make your decision discussing can dogs go on planes:

When you have done legal documentation when flying with a dog, you should know what cargo suits best for your dog. Every airline has its own house rule, so you have to take care of them while flying with a dog. Where will your dog be placed? How to fly with a dog? Etc. It totally depends upon the size of your dog. If your dog is small enough, he will be placed under your seat. If your pup is big, in most cases, your dog will be shifted to the cargo hold, making it easier how to travel with a dog.

Thousands of pets fly with their owner daily and are shipped mainly by cargo. Although nothing is to worry about, it doesn’t mean any horrible incident will ever happen when traveling with dogs. We have heard many horror stories about some passengers and their pets.

Their pet got hurt during travel, and a few fell sick and took quite a long time to recover. Nothing is promised to you for dogs on planes, especially when caring for your pet. No one is going to provide your pet a home treatment. For them, it’s all about getting money when traveling with a dog on a plane.

How to Take Dogs on Plane – Choosing Dog Carrier?

Now your pet is going to take off; you will need some accessories to carry your dog and follow the house rules of the airline when traveling with a dog. Many airlines give you a brief description of your pet carrier.

Your pet carrier should be strong enough to handle your pet’s weight. It should be of high quality and provide cross ventilation so your dog does not run out of breath.

The bottom of the carrier should be leakproof so it won’t ruin the whole cargo. There should be a red cross on shipment to determine that there is a live animal, and don’t forget to mention your contact information on load instead of worrying about can I fly my dog

What are the Incurred Costs?

Every airline has its wage for carrying your pet, and most airlines provide an online weight calculator on their website to give you a rough idea about the cost.

The average cost starts from $125 and onward, depending upon your pet’s weight and size, including the weight of the cargo.

Rules About Can Dog Fly on Planes?

Every airline has different terms and conditions on how to take a dog on the plane. It will be best to read before boarding or even booking a flight; you should go through with their term and condition. See what kind of dog breed is allowed onboard; some breeds are prohibited on the airline, such as hunting dogs and sniffers dogs. So make sure your dog should be on the list of can you fly with a dog

Choose Your Flight Wisely When Traveling with Dogs

If you plan to go on holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, you probably book your airline 2-3 days before such national holidays to minimize the risk of traveling with your dog. You also take care if you can you fly with a dog.

 The fewer people board the airline, the more comfortable your dog will be. If your pet is authorized to travel in the cargo, then you must keep your destination in mind, how long your travel will be, and the area’s temperature.

If you’re moving to some warm place, make sure dogs can go on planes and travel at night or when the sun rises. It will prevent your dog from burning temperature during day travel. If you’re moving to some warm place, then the day temperature of that place would be like a scorcher.

Please note that airlines will not allow your pets to fly if the weather is too cold or too hot for them to bear.

Discuss with Your Airline When Flying with a dog

Typically a lot of airlines only allow a few dogs per flight when flying with a dog, so contact them to ensure the plane has space for both of you before you book. For this reason, always make reservations for yourself and your pet simultaneously.

The space in airlines for dogs is minimal when flying with a dog, so you must make sure first, either by calling or visiting them, that the space for your dog is reserved. Always reserve your place and your dogs simultaneously, then worry about how to fly with a dog. Sometimes you get the space in the airline, but the cargo place is full, so you cannot take your pet with you.

Don’t forget to Get a Health Check. 

Health check comes hand in hand with how to travel with a dog because airlines have strict rules and regulations for onboarding your dog. Once the airline approves your dog’s reservation, you need to pay a visit to the vet. Ensure that your dog is healthy and can travel without any problem.

Airlines will not allow traveling with dogs without a health certificate. Keep in mind the certificate is valid only for a max of 30 days only.

If you expend your holidays more than 30 days, your dog’s certificate will no longer be valid. You must pay another vet visit for your dog’s health certificate before traveling with dogs

What is Your Destination?

Every state has its rules and regulations, not just for humans but for animals and their protection. So be familiar with dogs on planes and their law before moving into their state.

Traveling with a dog can be complicated due to the rules and regulations of that state. Not every human is fond of dogs. Some are allergic to dogs on planes and may have health hazards due to dogs. So, for any state, human passengers come first before traveling with a dog on a plane

Perhaps they will take good care of your dog, they do have their staff for such duties, but they don’t want to jeopardize other people just for your sake when traveling with a dog.

Prepare Your Dog for the Long Haul

Before you onboard the airline, you have to pay a visit to the vet and ask can I fly my dog? Not just to get a health certificate but also for the consultancy.

There is no clear answer for safety precautions and traveling with your dog or what safety measurement you should apply for your dog, so the best option is to visit the vet.

Medication is an essential part of the journey, but your dog cannot pull itself together in a new place. So you need to comfort your dog and make him clear that he is in no danger. Can dogs fly on planes? Well, sometimes, a pet can injure itself in a state of panic.

Departure Instructions

As your dog have a separate departure base. So, you must arrive at port ASAP, at least 4-5 hours before the actual time when flying with dog. When you arrive at port, check for a map and guide to see where is the pet relief area and where shall you drop off your pet.

You need to be extra careful and aware of how to take dogs on a plane while traveling. One thing you must have at least two new pictures of your dog, and one should be attached to your dog carrier. 

Although airline staff will take care of your dog, you can still not wholly depend on them for flying with dog, and you must attach a small packet of food for your dog in any case. If they miss out, your dog has enough food so it can pass a couple of hours easily.

On Arrival Pickup

Once you arrive safely at your destination after collecting your bag, move towards your dog’s drop-off location. In most scenarios, the pet cargo is delayed for 2-3 hours means you will arrive a few hours earlier than your pet. 

If you fail to collect your pet for any reason, the staff will deliver your pet to a boarding facility. Once you and your dog landed safely, take your dog for a little walk and buy him fresh water to drink.

Your pet may look upset and lazy but don’t worry about it; it’s due to the sedation dose your vet gave your dog. A little walk and the excitement of a new place will eventually make him active.


Here’s a complete guide to how you can travel with your dog safely. What things you must consider while onboarding your dog. Time is significant, so make sure you are on time and must use a map, so you don’t waste time just finding the pet relief area. Ensure you have all the required papers for your dog and fill all the airline’s requirements. 

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